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  • Platelet Rich Plasma

    Quality Matters

    Your blood has amazing abilities to heal and rejuvenate your body.  Medical science can target and capture your body’s ability to repair itself for the purposes of anti-aging, facial rejuvenation, hair growth, and more.  This leading edge, effective procedure is called “Platelet Rich Plasma” (PRP).

    How it’s Done

    Using your own blood, we capture your platelets, the cells that are rich in growth factors and proteins that heal and rejuvenate damaged tissues.  When strategically placed back into the body their rejuvenating properties provide potent anti-aging benefits, including: improvements in facial volume, skin tone, texture and thickness, along with wrinkle reduction and overall improvement in appearance.

    When placed in the scalp, PRP prommotes the growth of thicker, fuller,a nd healthier hair.

    The procedure is safe and effective.  It is minimally invasive, delivered witha small needle, and is well tolerated with minimal discomfort.

    When PRP is combined with facial filler (also termed the “Vampire Facelift) it can provide additional anti-aging benefits.

    Quality Matters

    The methods used to collect and administer PRP are critical to achieving optimal results.  The Ellison Medical Group uses a specialized processing ethods and equipment for your procedure.  We are achieving exceptional results for all PRP indications.

    Dr. Ellison is among the first physicians to study and administer PRP.  He has performed these treatments on patients since 2008, and he trains other physicians on the methods to prepare and administer PRP in their practices.  He is skilled at each therapeutic indication for PRP including facial cosmetic, hair rejuvenation, male and female sexual wellness and orthopedic.

  • Hair regeneration

    Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment for hair loss can provide natural looking results without the need for a costly, invasive surgical procedure. PRP is a refined solution with high levels of Platelet-Rich Fibrin and growth factors that naturally stimulate the growth of new hair follicles. The solution is injected into your scalp by our medical professionals using a thin needle.

    THE RESULT? A natural hair restoration alternative that enhances hair growth so you can reverse pattern baldness and premature thinning.


    Reduced hair loss
    Increased thickness of hair growth
    Reduced scalp exposure


  • Laser skin resurfacing

    Restore Your Skin: enjoy fresher skin for years to come with one of the best medical innovations of the century…

    Your skin works hard for you, taking the brunt of the world (often while smiling). As we age this starts to show as signs of aging on the entire body, especially the face, neck and hands. The world of cosmetic medicine is full of options to achieve better looking and more youthful skin. The CO2 laser is the most advanced technology to improve skin tone and texture, decrease fine lines, remove sun damage, increase collagen, and improve overall appearance, and the results are long-lasting.
    CO2 laser technology is one of the most remarkable breakthroughs in anti-aging and cosmetic medicine. Dr. Ellison has purchased many lasers and this is, by far, his most prized piece of equipment. He has had two treatments himself (see links to videos below…). The CO2 laser is, hands down, the best thing you can do for your skin and facial appearance, short of having surgery. For many people the CO2 laser is better than surgery because the results are dramatic without the need for incisions or downtime. Dr. Ellison does have patients for whom he recommends surgery (a facelift) based on their skin texture and expectations, but the CO2 laser should definitely be considered before going under the knife. The CO2 laser also treats and improves the skin of the neck and decolletage.
    The CO2 laser is the “last stop” before surgery. It is that potent in the field of cosmetic medicine. While it can’t “pull” your skin the way surgery can, the laser does completely remove old skin and create an internal reaction to build collagen (the building blocks of youthful skin) that creates tightening and improvement in skin quality including:
    -elimination of fine lines and wrinkles
    -improvement of deeper lines and wrinkles
    -improvement in skin tone
    -improvement in skin texture
    -removal of sun damage
    -improvement in hyperpigmentation (dark spots)
    How CO2 technology works: This anti-aging laser works its magic by targeting the deeper layers of damaged and loose skin. A light beam directs tiny pulses of light very rapidly, creating a grid-like pattern and delivering energy, which stimulates your skin to renew its collagen and make new skin. The fractioned grid pattern leaves small areas of your skin between the treated spots untouched. That’s important because it reduces healing time and improves results over older, totally ablative, technologies. We have complete control over the intensity of the laser, so we customize your treatment specifically for what you need.
    The CO2 laser is one of few treatments in medicine that truly lets you turn back the clock.

  • Botox/Dysport

    BOTOX® and Dysport® are used to treat wrinkles and facial creases:
    – Forehead lines
    – Crow’s feet
    – Frown lines
    These treatments only take a few minutes and do not require anesthesia.

  • Facial filler

    Hyaluronic acid (Restylane, Juvederm), a natural component of the skin’s connective tissue, is the most common filler used for wrinkles. The results typically last six months to one year.

  • IV Nutrient Infusions

    Are you ready to feel your best?

    IV infusion therapy is an effective and fast way to give your body the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and nutrients it needs.

    Whether you are a hard-working parent, training for your next marathon or just feeling run down, IV infusion therapy is a great solution.

    Why IV? Many Americans have gut issues that can limit nutrient absorption. Infusing nutrients directly into the vein guarantees 100% absorption, and it allows us to provide your body with higher doses of nutrients compared to other forms of ingestion. IV infusion improves the chance that the nutrients reach all your cells quickly since they are present in higher concentrations and bypass the digestive tracts.

    These therapies not only make you feel good on the inside, but they can improve your appearance on the outside.


  • Peptide Therapy

    Because our bodies produce different types of peptides, there are different types of peptide therapies. In general, we use peptides to give certain cells in the body a direct message to perform a specific function. Some peptides are used to generate human growth hormone (HGH), others are used for anti-aging therapies, and others are used for workouts and to help build muscle mass.

    Peptide therapy is typically a subcutaneous injection given through the skin with a small needle.

  • Vampire Facelift

    The Vampire Facelift® it is a combination of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Filler & Microneedling. The term is trademarked by its inventor, Dr. Charles Runels, who is a major contributor in the advancement of the PRP industry.

    This trifecta is an effective treatment to help contour the face and give a more youthful appearance to skin.

    Dr. Ellison is a National Trainer for the Vampire Facelift procedure.


  • Kybella

    Kybella(r) is an FDA approved, non surgical way to reduce fat under the chin, so called double chin and turkey neck. This treatment is a nonsurgical injection that melts fat. It is indicated for mild to moderate fullness under the neck and results are permanent. It may take more than one treatment to achieve optimal results for those with more than mild fullness.

    (link to Dr. Ellison’s video)

  • Sexual Wellness injections

    The O-Shot® for women is a revolutionary approach to improve sexual health and stress urinary incontinence.

    If you are looking for more options to treat your stress urinary incontinence, sexual dysfunction, or you simply want some revitalization, the O-Shot® maybe right got you.

    The P-Shot® for men is a natural method for potentially increasing male enhancement without the need for drugs or invasive surgeries. By utilizing the P-Shot®, men can improve their sexual performance through increased libido, size, more stamina and stronger erections.

    O-Shot® and P-Shot® both start by drawing a sample of blood. The portion of the blood rich in growth factors and regenerative proteins is concentrated and introduced into strategic locations in the vagina and penis. This therapy works to regenerate tissue and increase blood flow.

    For women, this translates into firmer tissue, increased sensitivity, improved sexual pleasure and decreased sexual dysfunction.

    For men it translates into the potential for stronger, harder, and bigger erections as well as making the penis more youthful in appearance.

    The O-Shot® and P-Shot® are registered trademarks of their inventor, Dr. Charles Runels. Dr. Ellison is a national physician trainer for each of these procedures.

  • Human Cell and Tissue Therapies

    Consumer beware:

    Stem cell therapies are becoming increasing popular.  As patient demand rises, so does the number of practices offering these therapies.  They are being commonly used to help rejuvenate musculoskeletal tissue and to help with the symptoms of arthritis and other orthopedic conditions.

    Outpatient treatments using stem cells as therapeutics are either derived from the patient (fat harvesting or bone marrow biopsy) or they are derived from the umbilical cords of live healthy birthed babies (these are NOT embryonic stem cells).  The latter is becoming increasingly popular as science is showing that cord cells are more potent, vibrant and higher in number.

    There are few FDA-approved “stem cell therapies” and these indications are generally for treating blood cancers, like leukemia.  For cord tissue products, all advertisements you hear for “stem cell therapy” on the TV or radio are experimental and not FDA approved.  If the indication is not FDA-approved, the term “stem cell therapy” should not be used.  The term “human cord tissue product” is a more accurate description for these therapies.

    Some human cord tissue products contain a special type of stem cell (call a “mesenchymal stem cell” or MSC).  In this case, a patient is receiving stem cells with their therapy.  Some human tissue products (such as cord blood or amniotic fluid) contain few, or no, stem cells, although many practices refer to these as “stem cell therapies.”

    It is important for the consumer who is interested in “stem cell treatments” to know exactly what they are getting and what they are paying for.  We encourage patients to ask the physician they are consulting the following questions regarding these therapies:

    (1) Do you harvest the cells from my fat or my bone marrow or do you use birth tissue products?

    (2) If you use birth tissue products, is it

         (a) cord tissue (Wharton’s Jelly)?

         (b) cord blood?

         (c) or amniotic fluid?

    (3) What is the name of the company who supplies the product?

    (4) Can you show my a Certificate of Analysis (COA) for the product you are using?

    (5) Has the supplier you are using been audited by the FDA? If so, what was the outcome of the audit?

    (6) Is the supplier you use a blood bank that processes its own product or do they private label someone else’s product.  If their product is private label, what is the name of the company who processed the product?

    (7) How much are you injecting (into my knee, for example)?

         (a) is it half a vial? a full vial?

    These questions will help you become a more informed consumer.  If the practice is unable or unwilling to disclose the information above then you should be cautious and consider seeking a second opinion.

  • Functional Medicine and Wellness

    Meet Dr. Mark Ellison

    Dr. Mark Ellison is our Functional Medicine Specialist.

    Dr. Ellison is a Functional Medicine Chiropractic Physician. His knowledge has helped many achieve optimal health where traditional medicine has been ineffective. Dr. Ellison has practiced functional medicine for over twenty years and has been instrumental in pioneering the discipline long before it was a well known and established specialty.

    He is nationally recognized for his ability to prevent and treat physical and metabolic disorders without medication or surgery. Although his comprehensive and advanced protocols are highly effective, Dr. Ellison is open to collaboration with all health and medical disciplines that will work in his patients’ best interests.

    Dr. Ellison specializes in nutritional and metabolic assessments and treatment plans. His comprehensive approach identifies the root cause of health problems, and his treatment plans are tailored to treat underlying problems rather than cover up their symptoms. He has earned the title of “the doctors’ doctor” and has served as a consultant for other physicians and healthcare providers, teaching his proprietary protocols nationwide. Dr. Mark has made regular expert guest appearances at seminars and on radio shows. He is an exceptional teacher but humbly recognizes that he is a lifetime student in his field, and he spends a great deal of his time attending lectures and seminars to stay on top of the latest and emerging science.

    He is currently innovating a telehealth technology platform to bring his functional medicine expertise to patients and practitioners nationwide.

    On a personal note, Dr. Mark and his wife, Lindsey, are residence of Kokomo, Indiana. They have three amazing children: Taylor, Jake and Caity. In his spare time, Dr. Mark enjoys biking, the outdoors and spending time with family.